TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics android games

Certain TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics android games characters that I won don't work anymore, I lost pretty much an entire days progress due to. Good but... this game was pretty great until the most recent update cracked it. now its almost too big for my phone.

Battle scenarios are intensified as players can link TRANSFORMERS characters together to create powerful Combiners that can change the tide of war by dealing critical damage and leveling the battlefield.
With endless team combinations, characters to collect, and deep social integration, players will experience real-time PVP battles and thrilling live-events.

Battles are swift and require strategic decision-making, resulting in unexpected victory or devastating defeat. As TRANSFORMERS characters change modes their stats and abilities shift, allowing players to wage war in limitless ways. 

What's New 
You will now see your opponents' names before dealing with them, so you can focus your attacks better!
The game is much stabler now, which means you can play more and and with less stress!
Optimus Prime has helped us destroy some of the more annoying bugs. More fun for all!

It has some good points but some cheating of customers out of a good game experience, make the game fare for all. I do sum development for android and I must say you guys at Dena need to take a long hard look at the process you all are taking in development with this game,

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