Fun Kid Racing - Tropical Isle games for android

Its Fun Kid Racing - Tropical Isle games for android awesome Enjoyed a lot playing it!!! A very Different game from all other games its awesome Love it It works get and my little cousin can play it very easy. No problem with this game I love it and it is awesome.but to much ads and some are horrible.

There are also plenty of coins to collect for better results while sailing for the win! Let your kids to start the engine or catch the wind and swim to the finish in the shortest time possible and this will make them happy!  Gain enough speed to jump over the ramps or dive deep into the ocean. Your kid will love all the surprises in each level (you can even meet dolphins here)!

This free game is made for 2 - 10 years children. Choose your ride and guide it to the finish line! Control your ship with just one finger and see how it flips, jumps and dives on it's way.

This is a good game to keep a two year old occupied while my little cousin gets her hair combed and so she won't cry.  Great game! Crappy Ads. My toddler loves it! But there's way too many apps. He hands me the phone every two seconds!

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