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It's pretty good.. It works really well, it's just that when I use Google maps it's goes off non-stop and I can't get my directions. Other than that I would give it 5 stars. Love this app I really Luke this app cause I really want an iPhone and it makes me feel like I have one thank you for this app.

 Flash light alert on call is a smart application to remind you of an incoming call or SMS with the blink of your flash light.
This application will use your camera flash to make blinking signals while your device is ringing or new notification message is received. A very useful and handy application for those who are always busy in meetings or work in hospitals or in silent zones.
♥♥ Features ♥♥
♦ When you receive a call, new text message, the flash will blink
♦ Incoming call flash and sms flash can be used together or separately
♦ Blinking can be disabled with just a tap on screen
♦ Blinking frequency can be changed as per your needs

Flash Light Alerts android apps What's New

Added feature to get flash alert notification for other message apps too - Facebook, twitter etc.
Also added Night Mode - to change the brightness of the phone. Please note, it WILL NOT change the brightness of the flash.
Please email us, if you are having any issues or problems.
The best It has everything i need for every type of notification that i get i would get this app  Wow It is good programs when my friends call me , the lait on flashing,  Nice Like others have said. It'll be nicer if it didn't have the pop up every time you get a message or a phone call.

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